1959 Cooper Monaco

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Here at Mick Hadley Autos, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, this 1959 Cooper Monaco came to us from Martin Stretton Racing, the car is a full aluminium body and was repaired after having the front end crumpled in, it came to us needing some paint work doing, as can be seen, we had 10 days to complete this job before it was being shipped off to the Spar race track in Belgium to race.

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After some filler, combining the original paint work and the repair, some primer and a bit of elbow grease the car was ready to be restored to its full beauty.

IMG_6206 IMG_6205

the white circle and stripes had to be masked out so could be painted on later.


the stripes and circle were added and it was time to strap everything back onto the car for a polish and wax, before being sent back to race another day, always good to see a car be restored.

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