Full Body Off RestorationsHere at Mick Hadley Autos we have the facilities available to carry out ‘Full Body Restorations’ to any vehicle. This would consist of the body being removed from the chassis where applicable and major chassis / panel work replacement being carried out before painting and refitting to the customer’s specifications.


We can completely strip down the vehicle and repair or replace any poor bodywork, refit all panels and align to ensure perfect fit. This process requires the removal of the body from the chassis and sometimes the complete disassembly of the vehicle, which is performed in multiple phases as listed below.


The vehicle is disassembled by removing the exterior accessories, which includes the mirrors, moldings, bumpers, taillights, headlights, emblems, and all glass.  The vehicle panels are removed: doors, fenders, deck lid, hood, and inner fender wells. The interior accessories are removed, which includes the carpet, seats, door panels, headliner, dash, and any other accessories remaining on the car.  Lastly the body is separated from the chassis to allow a more extensive and thorough restoration. All parts are boxed and stored in our storage room, labeled with the customer’s name and car.

After disassembling the vehicle, all parts are assessed and any parts that are broken, badly weathered, or simply worn out are listed for replacement.

Vehicle Stripping

The vehicle is then prepared for stripping either by Sanding, Sand Blasting, or Soda Blasting. Once stripped, we evaluate the entire car and document all rust spots, dents, or any other imperfections (i.e. collisions or previous repairs).  All imperfections are documented by pictures and listed in the customer’s file.

Panels which contain bad rust areas are replaced with new panels or patched if new panels cannot be obtained. We prefer to replace bad panels with O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts prior to using aftermarket or refurbished panels. Panels that are usually documented for replacement are floor pans, lower quarter panels, cowls, rocker panels, lower door areas, trunks and other common areas that are prone to rust on older model vehicles. Once the new panels arrive we begin the rust repair process, which is done by cutting out the rust spots on the existing panels and create patch panels from the newly arrived panels. The new patch panels are welded to the existing panels and any required body filler is put in place to complete the area.

Following this repair process, the entire body and all parts of the car are primed with a high quality urethane primer.


Along with repairing the body panels, the frame of the car is also repaired if required. The entire chassis / frame is sand blasted and repaired as necessary and then the frame of the car is primed with the same high quality urethane primer. Once the frame is primed, we then paint the frame per the request of the customer – Stock Black, Colour Matched to the Body, and many other options.


The body and all other parts are then sanded and blocked in order to prepare for a thorough painting.  Once sanded down, all body parts are checked for chips, scratches, and cracks.  All problem areas are then reworked and repaired. The body and all parts are then primed and blocked a second time and if necessary a third sanding and blocking is completed.

The body and all parts are then painted prior to being assembled for a more seamless paint job.  Also at this time, the floor pans are painted to the customer’s request.

Following the drying period, all painted parts are wet sanded three times progressively going through a 1000 grit sanding to a 2000 grit sanding and finally a 3000 grit sanding to provide the smoothest finish possible.  We followed the wet sanding up with a 3-step buffing process to ensure the deepest mirror-like finish we can provide.


The vehicle is then reassembled to the frame, all body parts are bolted back on, and all gaps are aligned.  All the moldings, weather-stripping, seals, handles, mirrors, and bumpers are bolted back on and the glass is reinstalled.  This step is a very slow process due to the fact our employees take special precautions to prevent damaging the finish.

The interior is then reassembled either with the originally removed pieces, new materials purchased by the owner, or reconditioned pieces and upholstery. Custom interior options are available upon request.

Finally, we end our restoration process with a full detailing. The vehicle is completely washed and detailed inside and out including a thorough cleaning and polishing of all chrome pieces. The vehicle is then prepared to be presented to the customer.

Should any modifications, customising, or modernising be necessary, there will be additional steps added to the process which will increase the amount of time needed to complete your project.

Although, we try to provide our customers with a timeline for the completion of their vehicle’s ‘Full Body Off Restoration’ this is only an estimated time table and it may very accordingly.

If you require an estimate or information about any work that you car needs please feel free to contact us.