Full Resprays

We can breathe back life into your car with a complete respray or can carefully touch up areas of damaged paint to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your car.

Full Resprays on any vehicle can be carried out to the customer’s specification using the latest materials and technology available. Painting a car to look like new requires the use of quality products and a class paint booth, we respray all vehicles in a new low bake oven with a stoving facility of 70ºC thus offering a clean and efficient environment to attain the best possible results needing only a light de-nib and polish to finish.

We can place a complete new coat over an old car or restore patches of tired or damaged paintwork to their former glory. We carefully match the paints we use to those that were applied when your car was first painted in the factory.

The Full Car Respray consist of Peeling back your current paint, Undercoat and Colour your car to its original colour or any colour you wish.

We can carry out Custom Respray with a variety of effects and finishes including pearlescent, matt, metallic, two tone and gloss finishes.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and to get a free no-obligation estimate.