Honda Civic – Bonnet Dents and Scratches

Sep 11 2015 Mick Hadley Autos

Here at Mick Hadley Autos, Brierley HillWest Midlands, we don’t only do big jobs on classical cars, most of our jobs are small dents, scratches and scuffs etc on every day cars such as this Honda Civic, a few dents and scratches on the bonnet. The bonnet was removed from the car, flatted back and repaired before going into primer, then the primer was flatted back and then wet flatted before being precleaned ready for paint, a quick stove to dry the paint, a cut and polish and refit it to the car. The photos below show the process this bonnet went through.IMG_6213 IMG_6215 IMG_6216 IMG_6217 IMG_6224 IMG_6225 IMG_6227 IMG_6226IMG_6230 IMG_6228 IMG_6234 IMG_6236