Light Aircraft

Oct 03 2016 Mick Hadley Autos

A first here at Mick Hadley Autos, Brierley Hill, earlier on in the year we were asked to paint a light aircraft for a gentleman who had rebuilt it himself, he self prepped the plane and we had to blow the paint over. This was a difficult job for us due to us having the be very particular with the amount of paint we could use, we couldn’t go above a certain weight or the plane wouldn’t leave the ground!

Its not something we get to do very often, but its one to tick off the list!

img_6854 img_6782 img_6813 img_6838 img_6841 img_6842

img_6873 img_6872 img_6870 img_6868 img_6867 img_6866 img_6874