Lotus Exige

Nov 10 2013 Mick Hadley Autos minor-dent-repair, scratch-repair,


This exige came to us here at Mick Hadley Autos based in Brierley Hill,West Midlands requiring a GRP repair to the n/s/r corner.The vehicle had already sufferd a shunt on this corner that had been repaired poorly and was showing star cracking and numerous large blisters.
The existing paintwork was removed to reveal the extent of the damage and to diagnose the cause of the blistering problem,this was soon seen to be that the laminating resin used in the original repair must have been incorrectly mixed thus not allowing it to cure correctly and remaining soft.
This was removed and rebonded using the correct materials, the damaged area was then shaped before priming.Unlike the s2 elise the exige hasn’t got a lower finishing point to paint to so the whole rear clamshell had to be prepared and laquered out before finaly denibbing and polishing to a high gloss finish as can be seen in the pictures.


Lotus-Exige-4 Lotus-Exige-7 Lotus-Exige-8