Ford Capri

Dec 14 2016 Mick Hadley Autos full-body-off-restorations, paint,

Earlier on in the year here at Mick Hadley Autos Ltd, Brierley Hill, we completed this colour change on an old 3L Ford Capri towards the start of 2016 for a good friend, we undertook a mammoth task, stripping the car down, removing the vinyl roof and the chrome window trims, before removing all of the dull red paintwork back down to the bare metal, the glory about this car is that it has a fiberglass body kit mounted onto a steel body and thats way it came out of the factory. The rivets where the fiberglass was mounted had started to show back through the paint work so that had to be tissued over and then started the filler work.

The whole bottom half of the car had to be filled and blocked back to maintain the shape of the car, mouldings where made to keep the grooves at the bottom of the quarter panels, parts of the car had to be lead loaded where the holes had been from the chrome window trims as the customer no longer wanted these on (this process can be found here the images used in the post were of the process used on the Capri.

The Capri was then 2K primed all over before being flatted, then it was painted in the classic Ford colour Sebring Red (which is actually orange) the original colour of this car going back to its roots. The paintwork was then wet flatted back and machine polished all over to achieve that high gloss finish we all desire.